Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ride epona as any other link on the black fall ground.

Now start by doing the horse riding glitch with different characters and 2 files. You will want to ride at Snowhead so begin by saving their with the mask you want to use. Then in the other file save while on epona at southern swamp or milk road. Now open the original file and you’ll be on epona as whichever link you chose. Once this is done, ride into the snowball area of snowhead (located before the area with the owl statue).Ride to the edge and allow yourself to ride off of it. You will continue to be riding epona on black ground. Make sure not to press B or start which will cause the game to freeze unless you are zora link who can use B once to throw his fins while on epona! Once you have had enough fun, dismount off epona to your death :o , and you will revive to the beginning of snowhead with no epona. I wonder what happened to her?

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