Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ride epona and shoot enemies from Fierce Diety Link!! any location!!

Ok this glitch sounds extremely exciting but you will be slightly disappointed to find out that the Diety cant properly ride the horse. Since the Diety is always fixed in attack mode and always has its sword out, when the diety will be on the horse, this will cause him to constantly have his bow out:( .This isn't too bad though it just means you won't be able to go fast and have to control him weird.. oh haha and you wont be able to get off but yeah. Ok so make sure you have both files empty and have the horse in both files and the fierce diety in one. Start by doing the fierce diety link glitch and taking fierce diety link to the location where you will want to ride epona with him. Save there with him and go the other file and have link ride epona to milk road or southern swamp and save. Now open the original file and the fierce diety will be riding the horse. Press the c buttons to shoot and dont press start or the game will freeze, otherwise you can explore as much as you want.

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