Thursday, July 1, 2010

Have Fierce Diety Link turn into Zora Link

SO do the fierce diety glitch or fight the third boss with you objective being to get fierce diety link wet:0 Once he is in the water equip the zora mask and use it and he will wear it and become a zora! This is a way out of the diety in termina field glitch but isnt too amazing otherwise.

Ride epona as any other link on the black fall ground.

Now start by doing the horse riding glitch with different characters and 2 files. You will want to ride at Snowhead so begin by saving their with the mask you want to use. Then in the other file save while on epona at southern swamp or milk road. Now open the original file and you’ll be on epona as whichever link you chose. Once this is done, ride into the snowball area of snowhead (located before the area with the owl statue).Ride to the edge and allow yourself to ride off of it. You will continue to be riding epona on black ground. Make sure not to press B or start which will cause the game to freeze unless you are zora link who can use B once to throw his fins while on epona! Once you have had enough fun, dismount off epona to your death :o , and you will revive to the beginning of snowhead with no epona. I wonder what happened to her?

Use items on the horse

This glitch lets you do exactly what it says with no drawbacks. Start by taking epona to milk road or southern swamp making sure to have the items you want to uses on the 3 c-buttons. Save at the owl and restart and now you will still be on your horse. Leave to termina field and for quite a while after, or until you enter a new area, you will be able to use your items while riding the horse. Just remember not to press start and get off the horse or go to a different map area if you want to end the glitch.

Ride epona and shoot enemies from Fierce Diety Link!! any location!!

Ok this glitch sounds extremely exciting but you will be slightly disappointed to find out that the Diety cant properly ride the horse. Since the Diety is always fixed in attack mode and always has its sword out, when the diety will be on the horse, this will cause him to constantly have his bow out:( .This isn't too bad though it just means you won't be able to go fast and have to control him weird.. oh haha and you wont be able to get off but yeah. Ok so make sure you have both files empty and have the horse in both files and the fierce diety in one. Start by doing the fierce diety link glitch and taking fierce diety link to the location where you will want to ride epona with him. Save there with him and go the other file and have link ride epona to milk road or southern swamp and save. Now open the original file and the fierce diety will be riding the horse. Press the c buttons to shoot and dont press start or the game will freeze, otherwise you can explore as much as you want.

Enter Romani Ranch as Fierce DIety Link while ranch is still closed!

The glitch part of this trick is really just the fierce diety link glitch so refer to that aat the bottom of the blog before you continue on. Well once you have left the gorman brothers' race as the diety with your new height you can now climb up to higher areas. Go to Milk road and climb the area near the fence being very careful not to fall onto the other side of the fence which will simply ruin everything. Slowly walk across the ledge you climbed on and jump to the other side of the rock when you get the chance. YOu will fall and appear to die causing you to be revived to the ranch.

Have the ocarina of time as your B button

To do this glitch you have to go to honey and darlings shop...eww. Haha ok so start by walking to the edge of the platform and then turning to face the two lovers. Just keep watching the game and when there's about 1 second left, hold Z and move Link off the platform, he should grab onto the edge. If done right, the B button will go blank by the time you resume control of Link. Pay to play another game, but this time jump off the platform at the start. Now the Ocarina is on the B button. If you want to turn things back to normal just get on epona and then get off which will reset the b button to the sword.

Ride Epona as Goron Zora or Deku Link (anywhere!)

Ok for this glitch to work you will have to have both game files open and will have to have gotten zora link in the game. Soo start by opening one of your files and taking whichever animal...i mean mask you want to be to the location you want to ride from. So if you want to ride epona as deku link in ikana canyon, warp to ikana as deku link and save. Then open your second file and ride epona to milk road or southern swamp and save. Now restart the game, open your original file, and you will be riding as one of the masked characters in your desired location:).

Swim as Zora Link in the air

Ait to start off go with Zora Link to the Great Bay.Near the southern parts of the bay you'll find a like-like near a pool of water. Kill the like-like and the proceed to the pool of water behind it. As soon as you start swimming in it, press A and steer to shore and when you get there, hit A again and head out to sea. If done right, you can get Zora Link to swim in the air instead of the water, however you must continuously tap A and not hold A. This will cause Zora Link to go even higher in the air and even over the sides of the region.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ride Epona as Goron Zora or Deku Link (from milk road or southern swamp)

This glitch is cool yet really simple and urges the question: why couldn't this have been part of the game? Ok so anyway, begin by equipping the mask of your choice to a c-button and taking epona to milk road or southern swamp. Afterwards, save and restart and press the button of the mask. If needed press A to get on the horse. Link will appear to be on the horse but not fitting but after you leave wherever you are, he will magically fit.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Be Epona! (without Link on ur back)

While playing through the Zelda games I always wondered how epona put up with being whipped by Link's carrots. Well with this glitch you get to be epona omg! This glitch ends up being a favorite and is definitely one of my favorites. Ait so start with getting on epona's magic ride :p..... :) and going to milk road, oh and have the ocarina equipped to c. Ok from there go ahead and do the standard epona glitch where you save and start again and end up on epona. Now head back out to termina field and press the ocarina button. Link will start to play and all of a sudden epona will beon her own allowing you to take epona anywhere in termina field. When you want to get Link back on epona press the a button and he will get back on as if he were next to her all this time. The glitch can be continued as long as you want but you have to remember: DONT PRESS START or the game will freeze. When ur done having fun ride on epona (with link) to one of the other places such as snowhead and epona will be enslaved once again;).

Be Fierce Diety Link ANYWHERE

Ok so this is a favorite glitch of mine and one that really reveals your curiosity of what Fierce Diety Link would be capable of in the real world.
Instructions: Begin by getting 10 rupees, setting your fierce diety mask to a c-button, and calling epona. Afterwards ride epona to milk road or southen swamp and save at the owl statue. Start the game again and the game will glitch and show link still riding epona (this glitch is what opens the door to many of the other cool glitches available in this game). Now WITHOUT pressing start or other c-buttons continue into the Gorman brothers' reacing track and agree to race for ten rupees. Once you begin the race press the c-button containing your fierce diety mask and you will transform into the fierce diety. Now remember DON'T PRESS START as it will freeze the game. You will have to stay in your crippled position until the brothers finish the race and can do pretty much nothing until then. Oh, wait yeah you can: you can entertain yourself by shooting arrows with the fierce diety by pressing any of your c-buttons, blowing bubbles by holding Z, and making the map appear and disappear by pressing L :). Ok once thats finally over, you have free reign and get to explore with your steroid-link to your heart's desire.