Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Be Fierce Diety Link ANYWHERE

Ok so this is a favorite glitch of mine and one that really reveals your curiosity of what Fierce Diety Link would be capable of in the real world.
Instructions: Begin by getting 10 rupees, setting your fierce diety mask to a c-button, and calling epona. Afterwards ride epona to milk road or southen swamp and save at the owl statue. Start the game again and the game will glitch and show link still riding epona (this glitch is what opens the door to many of the other cool glitches available in this game). Now WITHOUT pressing start or other c-buttons continue into the Gorman brothers' reacing track and agree to race for ten rupees. Once you begin the race press the c-button containing your fierce diety mask and you will transform into the fierce diety. Now remember DON'T PRESS START as it will freeze the game. You will have to stay in your crippled position until the brothers finish the race and can do pretty much nothing until then. Oh, wait yeah you can: you can entertain yourself by shooting arrows with the fierce diety by pressing any of your c-buttons, blowing bubbles by holding Z, and making the map appear and disappear by pressing L :). Ok once thats finally over, you have free reign and get to explore with your steroid-link to your heart's desire.

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