Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Be Epona! (without Link on ur back)

While playing through the Zelda games I always wondered how epona put up with being whipped by Link's carrots. Well with this glitch you get to be epona omg! This glitch ends up being a favorite and is definitely one of my favorites. Ait so start with getting on epona's magic ride :p..... :) and going to milk road, oh and have the ocarina equipped to c. Ok from there go ahead and do the standard epona glitch where you save and start again and end up on epona. Now head back out to termina field and press the ocarina button. Link will start to play and all of a sudden epona will beon her own allowing you to take epona anywhere in termina field. When you want to get Link back on epona press the a button and he will get back on as if he were next to her all this time. The glitch can be continued as long as you want but you have to remember: DONT PRESS START or the game will freeze. When ur done having fun ride on epona (with link) to one of the other places such as snowhead and epona will be enslaved once again;).

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